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Department of Mathematics
Subject Head of Department
Mr. Anil Kathuria
No. of students studying the subject
No. of teachers teaching the subject
Classes to which subject is taught
Extra Facilities
1 Mathematics Laboratory

Department Teachers

Name Email Address
Aditya Gupta adityagupta@dpsrkp.net
Anil Kumar Kathuria anilkumarkathuria@dpsrkp.net
Anita Sachdev anitasachdeva@dpsrkp.net
Arunima Dasgupta arunimadasgupta@dpsrkp.net
Ashima Aggarwal ashimaaggarwal@dpsrkp.net
Divya Tyagi divyatyagi@dpsrkp.net
Jagjeet Singh jagjeetsingh@dpsrkp.net
Jyotsna Taneja jyotsnataneja@dpsrkp.net
Lalitha Srinivasan lalithasrinivasan@dpsrkp.net
Meenakshi Bidkar meenakshibidkar@dpsrkp.net
Nandini Dhir nandinidhir@dpsrkp.net
Naresh Miglani nareshmiglani@dpsrkp.net
Neelam Kataria neelamkataria@dpsrkp.net
Neelu Oberoi neeluoberoi@dpsrkp.net
Neerja Jawa neerjajawa@dpsrkp.net
Pooja Khanduja poojakhanduja@dpsrkp.net
Ritu Nayyar ritunayar@dpsrkp.net
Ruby Bhattacharya rubybhattacharya@dpsrkp.net
S.K. Nagalakshmi sknagalakshmi@dpsrkp.net
Shalini Monga shalinimonga@dpsrkp.net
Suchitra Kaushik suchitrakaushik@dpsrkp.net
Surbhi Gupta surbhigupta@dpsrkp.net
Tandeep Kaur tandeepkaur@dpsrkp.net
Taruna Didi tarunadidi@dpsrkp.net
Usha Khanna ushakhanna@dpsrkp.net
V.K. Soran vksoran@dpsrkp.net
Vandana Seth vandanaseth@dpsrkp.net
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